Introduction to taxation services

Eligible individuals and companies in Malaysia are obliged to file and pay taxes annually. It is crucial to know type of taxes and tax rates that the entity is subjected to avoid penalties.

ITA s4 : Tax is imposed annually on individuals who receive income from:

Inclusive scope of works of ASI’s taxation services

Corporate Tax Compliance Services

  • Prepare income tax computation and Annual Tax Return (Form C) of Company and file to LHDN.
  • Advise balance tax payment (if any) based on Company’s annual tax return.
  • Advise the due date for submission of the return of original estimated tax payable (Form CP 204).
  • Complete and submit the Form CP 204 based on the amount of estimated tax payable furnished by the company.
  • Remind for the 6th and 9th month’s revision of estimates of tax payable.
  • Prepare and submit the revision of estimate of tax payable via Form CP204A, if any.

Personal Tax Compliance Services

  • Form B (Personal tax with business income)
  • Form BE (Personal tax with employment income)
  • Form P (Partnership)
  • Form M (Personal tax for non-tax resident)

Other Tax Compliance Services

  • Form EA
  • Form E
  • Form PT
  • Tax Clearance
  • Tax Credit Refund
  • Tax Credit Set-off

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