Payroll Services

When a Company employs employee(s), the Company must adhere to Employment Act 1955 (EA1955) and a few compulsory contributions must be made to the following institutions.

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Contribution

Employer Portion : 12% for salary ≥ RM5,001

   : 13% for salary ≤ RM5,000

Employee Portion : 11%

Social Security Organization (SOCSO) Contribution

  • Workmen compensation that covers personal accident, hospitalization, certain terminal disease lump sum compensation
  • Employer portion : 1.75%
  • Employee portion : 0.5%

Employment Insurance System (EIS)

  • Is a financial scheme aimed at helping employees who lost their jobs until they find new employment. The contributions are being collected in a fund in order to provide financial assistance to retrenched employees. It also aims to provide extended welfare coverage and aid in job search via career counselling and job-hunting assistance.
  • Employer portion : 0.2%
  • Employee portion : 0.2%

Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB)

  • Monthly personal tax deduction from the employee’s salary.
  • Personal tax is progressive from 0% to 30% for tax resident, 30% for non-tax resident.

Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp)

  • Training for Malaysian employee
  • ≥10 Malaysian employee’s compulsory register


  • Compulsory contribution for all adult Muslims.

Types of Payroll Services

1. Registration of Employer Files with:-

  • KWSP
  • LHDN
  • HRD Corp
  • Zakat

Ensure you have all the required documents needed for for registration. These documents may include:-

  • Certified True Copy of  Form 9/Notice of Registration & Corporate Information, Form 49/ Section 58, Form 24/ Section 78.
  • Certified True Copy of NRIC/Passport for the person/director that shall sign the application forms.
  • Copy of NRIC/Passport of all employee(s).



2. Monthly payroll services

  • Calculation of basic salary, bonus, overtime, commission, unpaid leave, annual leave and respective contributions to EIS, SOCSO and HRDCorp (if applicable.)
  • Distribution of pay slips to employee(s) separately via email.
  • Submission of contribution forms & payment to respective departments.


3. Annual Submmission

Preparation & Submission of Employer File (Form E) through E-filing.


4. Employer Leaver Handling for:-

a. Malaysian employee resigned and continue to work in Malaysia

b. Malaysian employee resigned and leave Malaysia

c. Foreign employee resigned to work in another Malaysian Company

d. Foreign employee resigned and leave Malaysia.



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